We are renowned for our excellent soils and will advise on which soil most suits your needs.


With a powerful soil screen machine on site we offer many different types of high quality soil for bulk and domestic customers.

A healthy soil has biological, chemical and physical properties that promote the health of plants, animals and humans while also maintaining environmental quality. We are renowned for our excellent soils and we will be able to advise you as to which soil is most appropriate for your situation.

Bulk Potting Mix

This potting mix offers great value to customers looking to purchase in bulk. Our potting mix provides excellent growth for both indoor and outdoor plants including ferns, flowering plants, foliage plants, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. Give your pots a great head start with this excellent product!

Non Discript Fill

If you have a space that needs filling and you are flexible about what might do the job then this is for you! Give us a call to discuss and we will be able let you know what we have in stock and discuss.

Screened Soil

MGS organic screened soil is a sandy loam soil with excellent drainage capacity. We ensure the soil maintains a neutral PH making it perfect topsoil for most types of grasses, vegetables and plants in general.

Blended Soil

MGS organic blended soil is a high quality, rich soil that contains a unique blend of our organic screened soil, mountain soil, horse manure, pine fibre and some recycled mulch.

This allows the soil to retain moisture, making it perfect for garden beds and plant, herb and vegetable growing. PH neutral.

Sports Turf Fine Top Dressing

A super fine, high quality product this soil is used by golf courses to dress their greens – so if you are keen to keep your lawn as flat as a bowling or putting green then this is the one for you!

Mountain Soil

MGS mountain soil is a natural, unscreened clay based soil from locally sourced areas. It is a naturally enriched soil and an excellent additive for vegetable gardens. It is also suitable for the plantation of fruits and spices.

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