Screenings are an inexpensive rock product that is excellent for drainage and landscaping.


Screenings are an inexpensive rock product excellent for drainage and landscaping. They are used extensively by plumbers when bedding pipes or used behind retaining walls for extra drainage.

Some screenings make excellent cover for driveways and pathways.

Scoria Aerolite 20mm

A deep red volcanic product sometimes known as “feather rock” due to it’s light weight and honeycomb consistency. As the name implies it is mostly used to improve drainage behind retaining walls and in garden beds.

It can also be used in tree pits, veggie gardens and any other areas where you might need to improve the drainage. MGS uses this product in our veggie crates as it is light but provides excellent fill and drainage.

Hillview 14mm Grey Screenings

An aggregate which is screened to a uniform sized product. It is used mainly in the production of concrete. It is also a suitable drainage and absorption trench aggregate.

It can be used on paths and driveways as a decorative screening, but does not compact. This product will always remain free draining.

Hillview 7mm Grey Screenings

A 7mm granite rock product sometimes referred to as ‘quarter minus’. It is often used by plumbers for pipe works although it can also be laid as a path and driveway fine aggregate.

In some cases this sceening can be blended with sand and cement to make an excellent core fill concrete.

Hillview 20mm Grey Screenings

A larger screening, free from fines making it perfect as a drainage product for behind retaining walls, around Agi pipes or in absorption trenches.

This product is mainly used for drainage purposes. It is also used in concrete and on paths and driveways but it does not compact and will remain free draining.

Bairnsdale Golden Beach 10mm Screenings

Sourced from Bairnsdale, Golden Beach is a rich blend of yellows, browns and earthy colours. It is one of our most decorative screenings. Offering a wonderfully luxurious look of depth and colour, these screenings are often used as a landscaping mulch, driveway or pathway topping. They provide significant light reflection and help brighten any darker parts of the garden.

Apply at a depth of at 25-50mm and simply rake out to give a smooth finish. Due to the loose stone, it does not compact but will move around.

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