Railway Sleepers – Mornington Peninsula

Also Available in Mt Eliza, Mt. Martha, and Surrounding Areas.

Railway Sleepers

We have a strong selection of sleepers and edging for all your landscaping needs.

From A-grade railway sleepers, to pine and hardwood all our sleepers will add a wonderful character to your garden as well as provide functional landscaping solutions.

Railway Sleepers

Reclaimed railway sleepers are becoming such a rare find and add such a wonderful rustic feel to your landscaping. Use them for steps, upright to create a wall or even create a walled veggie garden.

Our sleepers range from A to AAA grade and are available in multiple sizes. Get them while you can!

Micro Pro Sienna Sleepers (non arsenic)

Sienna sleepers have been treated with the latest generation micronized preservative and colour system. Sienna sleepers are a non-structural product and are ideal for landscape decorative garden applications. They can be used for in ground contact situations such as retaining walls less than 1 metre in height, garden edging, garden beds, children’s playgrounds, sandpits etc and in public use areas such as national parks.

A great cost effective solution these sleepers are available in a red-brown colour which will “grey off” as the years tick by. The micronized (MicroPro) preservative technology is one of the most advanced timber preservative systems and has been awarded a number of environmental certifications including the GREENGUARD Children and Schools certification, which makes it the preferred choice for projects such as children’s playgrounds.

Sienna sleepers are backed by a 50-year limited chemical supplier guarantee against termite and fungal attack and are treated in accordance to Australian Standards AS1604.

Sienna sleepers are manufactured from sustainably grown and harvested Australian plantation pine. They are are made in Australia. Available at 2.4 metres long and 50mm or 75mm wide.

Treated Pine Sleepers

Our treated pine sleepers are a superior grade and are suitable for structural retaining walls. They can also be used very successfully as garden edging, steps and fence posts. They are a very safe and reliable product with a long life – up to 50 years.

They come in a variety of sizes at 2.4 metres long, 2.7 metres long and 3.0 metres long. Widths of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Steel Garden Edging

Our garden edging looks fabulous and offers a clean and timeless edge to footpaths, driveways, retaining walls, garden beds, tree rings, planter beds, creative gardens and steps. You can create the shapes you want, from intricate curves to endless straight lines.

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